ABARIS provides the best possible travel and concierge services available to the principles and leaders in todays fast-paced entertainment industry environment. Through vendor partnerships, and our increased global presence during continued challanges and consolidation trends in the travel industry, we bring a superior service level to all our clients, but accept new accounts only by referral or invitation.

* High-Profile Boutique Agency
   - Maintaining successful relationships with preferred carriers
   - Holding memberships on travel industry advisory boards
   - Enjoying superior client retention

* Concise Communicator
   - Providing complete cyber communications network
   - Functioning in multi-CRS environment

* Professional Travel Management Company
   - Pro-actively managing hands-on day-to-day
   - Comprised of seasoned travel staff
   - Subscribing to controlled growth evolution



... movement coordination for the following
(and other) projects:

* Schindler's List
* After the Rain
* Jurassic Park
* The Lost World
* Perfect Getaway
* Nine
* Haywire
* Limitless
* 10,000 BC
* 2012
* Peacemaker
* Boogeyman 3
* Immortals
* Mirror Mirror
* 21 and Over
* Safe Haven
* Anonymous
* Last Will & Testament
* White House Down
* Out of the Furnace
* Free Birds
* The Family